IF: 40.182: Tailin Xu (etc.), Bioinspired superwettable micropatterns for biosensing

Author:     Release time:2019-11-20 10:18:47

IF: 40.182: Bioinspired superwettable micropatterns for biosensing

Tailin Xu, a Li-Ping Xu, * Xueji Zhang*and Shutao Wang*, Bioinspired superwettable micropatterns for biosensing, CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS 2019, 48(12), 3153-3165

ABSTRACT: The bioinspired micropatterns exhibit outstanding capacity in controlling and patterning microdroplets, which have offered new functionalities and possibilities towards a wide variety of emerging biological and biomedical applications. By taking the advantages of the microdroplet anchoring ability, enrichment ability, and the accessibility of such bioinspired micropatterns, the selected topic mainly focuses on the important aspects related to (super) wettable surfaces and their emerging sensing applications (DNA, miRNA, proteins, etc.) by combining them with multiple signal output approaches (fluorescence, colorimetric, SERS, electrochemical, etc.). In the end, we also provide a personal perspective on the future development, and address the remaining challenges in the commercialization of (super) wettable micropatterns towards biosensing.




  • School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, USTB
  • 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing,100083