IF: 10.8: Xiangyuan Wan (etc.), Maize Genic Male-sterility Genes and Their Applications in Hybrid Br

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IF: 10.8: Maize Genic Male-Sterility Genes and Their Applications in Hybrid Breeding: Progress and Perspectives

Xiangyuan Wan*, Suowei Wu#, Ziwen Li, Zhenying Dong, Xueli An, Biao Ma, Youhui Tian, Jinping Li. Maize Genic Male-sterility Genes and Their Applications in Hybrid Breeding: Progress and Perspectives. Molecular Plant, 2019, 12(3), 321-342.


ABSTRACT: As one of the most important crops, maize not only has been a source of the food, feed, and industrial feed-stock for biofuel and bioproducts, but also became a model plant system for addressing fundamental questions in genetics. Male sterility is a very useful trait for hybrid vigor utilization and hybrid seed production. The identification and characterization of genic male-sterility (GMS) genes in maize and other plants have deepened our understanding of the molecular mechanisms controlling anther and pollen development, and enabled the development and efficient use of many biotechnology-based male-sterility (BMS) systems for crop hybrid breeding. In this review, we summarize main advances on the identification and characterization of GMS genes inmaize, and construct a putative regulatory network controlling maize anther and pollen development by comparative genomic analysis of GMS genes inmaize, Arabidopsis, and rice. Furthermore, we discuss and appraise the features of more than a dozen BMS systems for propagating male-sterile lines and producing hybrid seeds in maize and other plants. Finally, we provide our perspectives on the studies of GMS genes and the development of novel BMS systems in maize and other plants. The continuous exploration of GMS genes and BMS systems will enhance our understanding of molecular regulatory networks controlling male fertility and greatly facilitate hybrid vigor utilization in breeding and field production of maize and other crops.

KEYWORDS: genic male sterilityanther and pollen developmentbiotechnology-based male-sterility systemhybrid seed productionmaize

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