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The Center for Biology and Agriculture Research of the Beijing University of Science and Technology (referred to as the Bio-Agriculture Center) was established in December 2016. The Bio-Agriculture Center is currently managed by the Institute of Fusion Innovation and the School of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the Beijing University of Science and Technology. It conducts functional genomics research on major crops (such as corn, rice, wheat, sorghum, etc.) and microorganisms (probiotics, etc.). Basic research in basic theories and applications of biology and agriculture in the fields of bioinformatics, biological breeding, seed engineering, probiotics and health foods, and biomedicine (such as plant-derived proteins). Facing the country's major strategic needs, through independent innovation, a number of major scientific and technological innovation achievements have been formed and transformed, and a group of outstanding young scientists and outstanding innovation groups have been trained to build a world-class life science and agricultural science research platform.

The Bio-Agriculture Center has six research directions: Crop Functional Genomics, Crop Bioinformatics and Big Data, Microbial Breeding and Healthy Food, Plant Bioreactor and Molecular Medicine Agriculture, Plant Gene Editing Technology, Crop Molecular Breeding and Seed Engineering.

There are 5 professors in the Bio-Agriculture Center, 2 professor-level researchers, 2 associate professors, 5 lecturers, 1 guest researcher, 4 post-doctors, 3 scientific research support, 7 doctoral students, 11 master students, and part-time professors. 3 people. Among them, there are 1 national key innovation team, 1 Beijing youth topping team, 1 national “10,000 people plan” technology innovation leader, 1 “Beijing Scholar”, 1 Beijing “Haiju Project” talent, Beijing There are 2 talents in the high-polymerization project, 1 scholar in Shandong Province, and 2 young talents in Beijing. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of scientific research and teaching, we are looking for talents at home and abroad. It is expected to reach 100 people in 2020, including 30 full-time teachers, 10 post-doctors, and 60 doctoral and postgraduate students. Here, the Bio-Agriculture Center warmly welcomes outstanding talents from different disciplines at home and abroad to join.

The Bio-Agriculture Center currently has two R&D centers in Beijing: the North Star Dazhuang Campus R&D Center and the Haidian Qinghe R&D Center, located at 7th Floor, Comprehensive Building, Guanzhuang Campus, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and No. 3, Lijia Life Health Industrial Park, Haidian District, Beijing. Building A, the total area of the laboratory is about 3,000 square meters. It has established the “Beijing Engineering Laboratory for Major Crop Bio-breeding” and the “Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Biological Breeding”, and is planning to build a national-level scientific research platform for the interdisciplinary of “Agriculture, Industry and Information” in modern agriculture. It has built experimental platforms such as plant efficient genetic transformation, molecular biology, cytology analysis, gene editing technology, multi-omics and big data analysis, microbial culture and animal experiment analysis, and has established crop breeding experiments in 8 different ecological regions across the country. station. At present, he is currently undertaking the “13th Five-Year Plan” national key R&D plan, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” science and technology support plan, the national 10,000-person plan special project, the national bio-new varieties transgenic major special project, the National Natural Science Foundation, the central university basic research business fee project, and the country. More than 20 scientific research projects such as international science and technology cooperation projects. The above conditions provide a good and mature research platform and ample research funding for the scientific research staff of the Bio-Agriculture Center. In recent years, the team members have published more than 500 academic papers at home and abroad, applied for or authorized more than 100 patents, and won more than 20 national and provincial-level scientific research talent awards.

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