XU Liping

office location:Building of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, Room 303
Research Interests:Biosensing, nanomaterial, superwettable materials

2016/07-now: University of Science and Technology Beijing, Research Center for Bioengineering and Sensing Technology, Professor
2010/06-2016/06: University of Science and Technology Beijing, Research Center for Bioengineering and Sensing Technology, Associate Professor
2007/08-2009/10: Cellfluidic Co., Los Angeles, Researcher
2006/07-2007/08: University of California, Santa Cruz, Postdoc
2003/09-2006/07: Institute of Chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy
2000/09-2003/07: Northeast Normal University, Master of Chemistry
1996/09-2000/07: Northeast Normal University, Bachelor of Chemistry

Scientific research achievements


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Representative papers

1.Xu, Tailin, Xu, Li-Ping*; Zhang, Xueji*; Wang, Shutao*,Bioinspired Superwettable Micropatterns for Biosensing, Chem. Soc. Rev. 48, 3153-3165, (2019), Accepted.
2.Xu, Li-Ping; Chen, Yanxia; Yang, Gao; Shi, Wanxin; Dai, Bin; Li, Guannan; Cao, Yanhua; Wen, Yongqiang; Zhang, Xueji; Wang, Shutao*, Ultratrace DNA Detection Based on the Condensing-Enrichment Effect of Superwettable Microchips, Adv. Mater., 27, 6878-84, (2015).
3.Gao, Xuefei; Xu, Li-Ping*; Xue, Zhongxin; Feng, Lin; Peng, Jitao; Wen, Yongqiang; Wang, Shutao*; Zhang, Xueji*, Dual-Scaled Porous Nitrocellulose Membranes with Underwater Superoleophobicity for Highly Efficient Oil/Water Separation, Adv. Mater., 26, 1771-1775, (2014).
4.Xu, Li-Ping; Zhao, Jing; Su, Bin; Liu, Xueli; Peng, Jitao; Liu, Yi Biao; Liu, Hong Liang; Yang, Gao; Jiang, Lei; Wen, Yongqiang; Zhang, Xueji; Wang, Shutao*, An Ion-Induced Low-Oil-Adhesion Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Film for Stable Superoleophobicity in Seawater.
Adv. Mater., 25, 606-611, (2013). 5.Xu, Tailin; Gao, Wei.; Xu, Li-Ping*; Zhang, Xueji*; Wang, Shutao*, Fuel-Free Synthetic Micro-/Nanomachines, Adv. Mater., 29, 1603250, (2017).
6.Xu, Li-Ping; Peng, Jitao; Liu, Yibiao; Wen, Yongqiang; Zhang, Xueji; Jiang, Lei; Wang, Shutao*, Nacre-Inspired Design of Mechanical Stable Coating with Underwater Superoleophobicity, ACS Nano, 7, 5077-5083, (2013).
7.Xu, Tailin; Shi, Wanxin; Huang, Jinrong; Song, Yongchao; Zhang, Feilong; Xu, Li-Ping *; Zhang, Xueji*; Wang, Shutao*, Superwettable Microchips as a Platform toward Microgravity Biosensing,ACS Nano, 11, 621-626, (2017).
8.He Xuecheng; Xu Tailin*; Gu Zhen; Gao Wei; Xu Li-Ping*; Pan Tingrui; Zhang Xueji*, Flexible and Superwettable Bands as a Platform toward Sweat Sampling and Sensing. Analytical Chemistry 2019, 91 (7), 4296-4300.
9.Tingting Wu; Yuemeng Yang; Yu Cao; Yongchao Song; Li-Ping Xu*; Xueji Zhang*; Shutao Wang, Bioinspired DNA–Inorganic Hybrid Nanoflowers Combined with a Personal Glucose Meter for Onsite Detection of miRNA.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2018, 10 (49), 42050-42057. 10.Chen, Yanxia; Min, Xuehong; Zhang, Xiqi; Zhang, Feilong; Lu, Simeng; Xu, Li-Ping*; Lou, Xiaoding*; Xia, Fan; Zhang, Xueji*; Wang, Shutao, AIE-Based Superwettable Microchips for Evaporation and Aggregation Induced Fluorescence Enhancement Biosensing,Biosens. Bioelectron., 111, 124-130, (2018).
11.Chen, Yanxia; Xu, Li-Ping*; Meng, Jingxin; Deng, Shaohui; Ma, Lulin; Zhang, Shudong*; Zhang, Xueji*; Wang, Shutao, Superwettable Microchips with Improved Spot Homogeneity toward Sensitive Biosensing, Biosens. Bioelectron., 102, 418-424, (2018).
12.Wu, Tingting; Xu, Tailin; Xu, Li-Ping*; Huang, Yan; Shi, Wanxin; Wen, Yongqiang; Zhang, Xueji*, Superhydrophilic Cotton Thread with Temperature-Dependent Pattern for Sensitive Nucleic Acid Detection, Biosens. Bioelectron., 86, 951-957, (2016).
13.Xu, Li-Ping; Wang, Shuqi; Dong, Haifeng; Liu, Guodong; Wen, Yongqiang; Wang, Shutao*; Zhang, Xueji*, Fractal Gold Modified Electrode for Ultrasensitive Thrombin Detection, Nanoscale, 4, 3786-3790, (2012)

Postgraduate training


  • School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, USTB
  • 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing,100083