WU Chuandong

office location:Room 301 of the Lihua Lou
Research Interests:Environmental analytical chemistry
Dr Wu’s mainly research activities include but not limited by evaluation and elimination of odor and VOC pollution.
Right now Dr Wu is in charge of and taking part in three projects which were founded by the University of Science and Technology Beijing, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and the National Key R&D Program of China.
Dr. Wu serves as a reviewer for international journals on environmental chemistry, including Journal of Environmental Management, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Environmental Technology, etc.

June 2012, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chemistry department, Bachelor
June 2017, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chemistry department, Doctor
November 2018-May 2019, Aarhus University, Visiting Researcher
June 2017 to Now, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Lecturer

Scientific research achievements


Enrollment plan


Representative papers

1)Wu Chuandong, Liu Jiemin, Yan Luchun, Chen Haiying, Shao Huiqi, Meng Tian. Assessment of odor activity value coefficient and odor contribution based on binary interaction effects in waste disposal plant[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2015, 103: 231-237.
2)Wu Chuandong, Liu Jiemin, Zhao Peng, Piringer Martin, Schauberger Günther. Conversion of the chemical concentration of odorous mixtures into odour concentration and odour intensity: a comparison of methods[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2016, 127: 283-292.
3)Wu Chuandong, Liu Jiemin, Zhao Peng, Li Wenhui, Yan Luchun, Piringer Martin, Schauberger Günther. Evaluation of the chemical composition and correlation between the calculated and measured odour concentration of odorous gases from a landfill in Beijing, China[J]. Atmospheric Environment, 2017, 164: 337-347.
4)Wu Chuandong, Liu Jiemin, Liu Shihua, Li Wenhui, Yan Luchun, Shu Mushui, Zhao Peng, Zhou Peng, Cao Wenbin. Assessment of the health risks and odor concentration of volatile compounds from a municipal solid waste landfill in China[J]. Chemosphere, 2018, 202: 1-8.
5)Wu Chuandong, Marlon Brancher, Yang Fan, Liu Jiemin, Qu Chen, Schauberger Günther, Piringer Martin. A comparative analysis of methods for determining odour-related separation distances around a dairy farm in Beijing, China [J]. Atmosphere, 2019, 10: 231-246.

Postgraduate training


  • School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, USTB
  • 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing,100083