SHI Guoqing

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Research Interests:Point-of-care testing (POCT) techniques for clinical diagnosis and food safety

Education: Aug. 2006-Jul. 2007: Visiting Scholar Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University, USA Sept. 2000-June 2003: Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Science, Research Center of Eco-environmental Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, P.R. China; Sept. 1997-June 2000: Master in Biophysics, The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China; Sept. 1991-June 1995 Bachelor in Analytical Chemistry Department of Chemistry, Shandong University, Jinan, P.R. China Occupation: July, 2003-Now: Faculty, Associate professor Department of biological science and engineering, School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, P.R. China;

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Representative papers

Paper: 1.Sun, Q., Chen, Y., Li, F., Jia, M., and Shi, G.. (2019). A one-step incubation ELISA kit for rapid determination of dibutyl phthalate in water, beverage and liquor. Open Chemistry, 17(1), pp. 392-400 2.Yang, X.; Sun, Z.; Wang, W.; Zhou, Q.; Shi, G.; Wei, F., et al. Developmental toxicity of synthetic phenolic antioxidants to the early life stage of zebrafish. SCI TOTAL ENVIRON. 2018, 643:559-568 3.Zhu, Z.; Chen, Y.; Shi, G.; Zhang, X., Selenium delays tomato fruit ripening by inhibiting ethylene biosynthesis and enhancing the antioxidant defense system. Food Chemistry 2017, 219, 179-184. 4.Sun, Q.; Zhu, Z.; Deng, Q.; Liu, J.; Shi, G., A "green" method to detect aflatoxin B-1 residue in plant oil based on a colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay. ANALYTICAL METHODS 2016, 8, (3), 564-569. 5.Zhu, Z., L. Zhang and G. Shi, Proteasome as a Molecular Target of Microcystin-LR. Toxins (Basel), 2015. 7(6): p. 2221-31. 6.Yuanyuan Guo, Tao Zeng, Guoqing Shi, Yaqi Cai and Ruliang Xie. Highly selective naphthalimide-based fluorescent probe for direct hydrogen sulfide detection in the environment. RSC Advances. 2014, 4, 33626–33628 7.Sun Q, Deng QM, Shi GQ. 2014. A DOCKING STUDY ON INTERACTIONS BETWEEN PROTEASOMAL INHIBITORS AND PROTEASOME beta 5 OR beta 5 beta 6 SUBUNITS. Basic Clin Pharmacol 1154(SI):6. 8.Zhang, L.; Shi, W.; Cao, W.; Liang, X.; Hu, Y.; Chen, M.; Shi, G., Tetrandrine Inhibits Proteasomal Chymotrypsin-Like Activity and Induces Apoptosis in Human PC-3 Cells. In Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Applied Biotechnology (ICAB 2012), Zhang, T.; Ouyang, P.; Kaplan, S.; Skarnes, B., ^Eds. Springer Berlin Heidelberg: 2014; pp 723-731. 9.Shi, G., et al., Molecular modeling for the interaction between proteasome beta 5 subunit and organotin compounds. SCIENCE CHINA Chemistry, 2010. 53(11): p. 2387. 10.Chen, X. and G. Shi, et al. (2010). "Triphenyltin inhibition of the proteasome activity and its influence on substrate protein levels in nerve cells." Chinese Science Bulletin 55 (1): 22. 11.Shi, G. and D. Chen, et al. (2009). "The proteasome is a molecular target of environmental toxic organotins." Environ Health Perspect 117 (3): 379-86. 12.Shao, J. and G. Shi, et al. (2005). "Development and validation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for vitellogenin in Chinese loach (Misgurnus angaillicaudatus)." Environ Int 31 (5): 763-70. 13.Shao, J. and G. Shi, et al. (2004). "A rapid two-step chromatographic method for the quantitative determination of vitellogenin in fish plasma." Anal Bioanal Chem 378 (3): 615-20. 14.Guoqing Shi, Jing Shao, Guibin Jiang, Qianxing Wang, Yiqaing Lu, Jingfu Liu, Jiemin Liu, Membrane chromatography for the rapid purification of vitellogenin from fish plasma.J. Chromatogr. B, 2003, 785:361-368 15.Guoqing Shi, Guibin Jiang, A Dip-and-Read Test Strip for the Determination of Mercury(II) Ion in Aqueous Samples Based on Urease Activity Inhibition. Anal. Sci. 2002, 18, 1215-1219 Book Chapters:: 1.Guoqing Shi and Guibin Jiang, Environmental Endocrine Disruptors, in Advances in Environmental Chemistry (edited by Shugui Dai), Chemical Industry Press, 2005, 346-366. 2.Guoqing Shi, Immunoaffinity Extraction, in Preparation Techniques for Environmental Samples (edited by Guibin Jiang), Chemical Industry Press, 2004

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  • School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, USTB
  • 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing,100083