office location:Room 110, Building Lihualou
Research Interests:Enzyme directed evolution

Stabilization and immobilization of enzymes
Catalysis and microenvironmental regulation of immobilized enzymes
Clean production technology in pharmaceutical industry
Synthetic biology

2009.9-2010.9, Visiting scholar at Department of chemical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2004.7 till now, Faculty member at University of Science and Technology Beijing
2004.7, Ph.D. degree at Department of chemical engineering, Tsinghua University
1999.7 Master degree and 1996.7, Bachelor degree at Department of chemical engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Scientific research achievements

1.National Natural Science Foundation of China (21476025): Microenvironmental pH change of immobilized enzyme in proton-producing reaction and its regulation by a two-stage strategy
2.National Natural Science Foundation of China (21276023): Dynamics research of efficient expression of heterogeneous proteins in E. coli by using a promoter engineering strategy
3.Beijing Natural Science Foundation of China (2143041): Oriented immobilization of cephalosporin C acylase based on the strategy of molecule surface modification
4.Beijing Nova program (200622B): Research on production of 7-aminocephalosporanic acid using one-step enzymatic process

Enrollment plan


Representative papers

1.Nie, Z., Luo H.*, Li J., Sun H., Xiao Y., Liu T., Chang Y., Yu H., & Shen, Z. (2019). High-throughput screening of T7 promoter mutants for soluble expression of cephalosporin C acylase in E. coli. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, DOI: 10.1007/s12010-019-03113-y.
2.Chang, Y., Tong, S., Luo, H.*, Liu, Z., Qin, B., Zhu, L., Sun, H., Yu, H., & Shen, Z. (2019). Application of ammonium bicarbonate buffer as a smart microenvironmental pH regulator of immobilized cephalosporin C acylase catalysis in different reactors. Biotechnology progress,
3.Wang, Y., Tian, J., Xiao, Y., Wang, Y., Sun, H., Chang, Y., & Luo, H*. (2019). SpyTag/SpyCatcher cyclization enhances the thermostability and organic solvent tolerance of l-phenylalanine aldolase. Biotechnology letters,
4.Luo, H.*, Han, K., Chang, Y., Wang, Y., Tong, S., Nie, Z., Wang, X., Wei, Y., Yu, H., & Shen, Z. (2018). Effects of Inhibitors on the Catalysis and Immobilization of Cephalosporin C Acylase. Chemical and biochemical engineering quarterly, 32(1), 125-133.
5.Luo, H.*, Zhu, L., Chang, Y., Liu, X., Liu, Z., Sun, H., Li, X., Yu, H., Shen, Z. (2017). Microenvironmental pH changes in immobilized cephalosporin C acylase during a proton-producing reaction and regulation by a two-stage catalytic process. Bioresource Technology, 223, 157-165.
6.Luo, H.*, Zhou, D., Liu, X., Nie, Z., Quiroga-Sánchez, D., & Chang, Y. (2016) Production of 3-Hydroxypropionic Acid via the Propionyl-CoA Pathway Using Recombinant Escherichia coli Strains. PLoS ONE, 11(5):e0156286.
7.Luo, H.*, Ma, J., Chang, Y., Yu, H., & Shen, Z. (2016). Directed Evolution and Mutant Characterization of Nitrilase from Rhodococcus rhodochrous tg1-A6. Appl Biochem Biotechnol, 178(8):1510-1521
8.Wei, Y., Luo, H.*, Chang, Y., Yu, H., & Shen, Z. (2015). Reversible immobilization of cephalosporin C acylase on epoxy supports coated with polyethyleneimine. Biocatalysis and Biotransformation, 33(5-6):250-259
9.Xu, J., Luo, H.*, López, C., Xiao, J., & Chang, Y. (2015). Novel immobilization process of a thermophilic catalase: efficient purification by heat treatment and subsequent immobilization at high temperature. Bioprocess and biosystems engineering, 38:1983-1991
10.Luo, H.*, Zhao H., Chang, Y., Wang Q., Yu H., Shen Z. (2015). Oriented Immobilization and Characterization of a Poly-Lysine-Tagged Cephalosporin C Acylase on Glyoxyl Agarose Support. Appl Biochem Biotechnol, 175:2114-2123
11.He, H., Luo, H.*, Chang, Y., Li, X., Wang, X., Liang, C., Wei Y., Yu H., Shen, Z. (2015). Immobilization and stabilization of cephalosporin C acylase on aminated support by crosslinking with glutaraldehyde and further modifying with aminated macromolecules. Biotechnology Progress, 31:387-395
12.Zhu, X., Luo, H.*, Chang, Y., Su, H., Li, Q., Yu, H., & Shen, Z. (2011). Characteristics of immobilized cephalosporin C acylase and its application in one-step enzymatic conversion of cephalosporin C to 7-aminocephalosporanic acid. World J Microbiol Biotechnol, 27(4):823-829
13.Luo, H.*, Fan, L., Chang, Y., Ma, J., Yu, H., & Shen, Z. (2010). Gene cloning, overexpression, and characterization of the nitrilase from Rhodococcus rhodochrous tg1-A6 in E. coli. Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 160: 393-400

Postgraduate training


  • School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, USTB
  • 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing,100083