XUAN Jinsong

Associate Professor
office location:Room 114, Lihua Building
Research Interests:•Protein cloning, expression, purification and structure determination

•Protein-protein interactions

•Protein structure and function relationships


•B.S., 1999, Biochemistry, Beijing Normal University
•M.S., 2002, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Beijing Normal University
•Ph.D., 2005, Genetics, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS
Teaching experience
•Undergraduate courses: Genetics (bilingual education), Protein Chemistry, Biological Invasion, Experiments of Genetics, Experiments of Molecular Biology
•All the courses above are taught once a year since 2005.
Awards and Honors
•Third Prize in Young Teachers’ Teaching Skills Competition, USTB 2017
•Teaching Research Paper Award, USTB 2014
•Second Prize in Undergraduate Teaching Award of Excellence, USTB 2013
•Second Prize in Young Teachers’ Classroom Teaching Competition, USTB 2013
•Third Prize in Young Teachers’ Teaching Skills Competition, USTB 2013

Scientific research achievements

•2014-2016, PI, “The molecular mechanism of the interaction of PHB and Rb protein involved in the E2F-mediated cell cycle regulation pathways”. The National Natural Science Foundation of China, RMB 220,000.
•2013-2015, PI, “Sediment microbial diversity response in the process of lake restoration using modified local soil”. Crosswise Project from Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS, RMB 50,000.

Enrollment plan

•1-2 graduate students every year.
•Perspective students with background in biology, biochemistry, biological engineering are encouraged to apply. Please contact Prof. Xuan by email directly.

Representative papers

•XUAN Jinsong*, FENG Yingang* Enantiomeric Tartaric Acid Production Using cis-Epoxysuccinate Hydrolase: History and Perspectives. Molecules. 2019, 24(5). pii: E903. Review.
•Chen Chao, Yang Hongwu, Xuan Jinsong, Cui Qiu, Feng Yingang*. Resonance assignments of a cellulosomal double-dockerin from Clostridium thermocellum. Biomol NMR Assign. 2019, 13(1): 97-101.
•XUAN Jinsong1, YAO Hongwei1, FENG Yingang*, WANG Jinfeng*. Backbone and side-chain 1H, 15N and 13C resonance assignments of two Sac10b family members Mvo10b and Mth10bTQQA from archaea. Biomol NMR Assign. 2017 Oct;11(2):269-273.
•WANG Chen, XUAN Jinsong*, FENG Yingang*. The Progress of Researches on Bacterial Type I Toxin-Antitoxin Systems. Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2016, 43(10): 952-961.
•Chen Wang , Jinsong Xuan*, Qiu Cui, Yingang Feng*. Resonance assignments of a VapC family toxin from Clostridium thermocellum. Biomol NMR Assign. 2016, 10(2): 367-71.
•Liu YJ, Song X, Li Y, Xuan J, Cui Q, Wang J, Feng Y. Low stability of the reduced state of Mycobacterium tuberculosis NrdH redoxin. FEBS Lett. 2016, 590(3): 387-95.
•Wu H, Wang C, Gong W, Wang J, Xuan J, Perrett S, Feng Y. The C-terminal region of human eukaryotic elongation factor 1Bδ. J Biomol NMR. 2016, 64(2): 181-7.
•Yingang Feng, Xiaxia Song, Jinzhong Lin, Jinsong Xuan, Qiu Cui, Jinfeng Wang. Structure determination of archaea-specific ribosomal protein L46a reveals a novel protein fold. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2014, 450, 67-72.
•Jinsong Xuan*, Xiaxia Song, Chao Chen, Jinfeng Wang, Yingang Feng*. A PilT N-terminus domain protein SSO1118 from hyperthemophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus P2. J Biomol NMR, 2013, 57, 363-368.
•Jinsong Xuan*, Yingang Feng*. The Archaeal Sac10b Protein Family: Conserved Proteins with Divergent Functions. Current Protein and Peptide Science, 2012, 13, 258-266.
•Jinsong Xuan, Yanbin Feng, Manli Weng, Ge Zhao, Jinfeng Shi1, Jianting Yao, Xiuliang Wang, Baotai Guo, Lixian Qiao, Delin Duan, Bin Wang. Expressed sequence tag analysis and cloning of trehalose-6-phosphate synthase gene from marine alga Laminaria japonica (Phaeophyta). Acta Oceanol. Sin., 2012, 31(6), 1-10.
•Jinsong Xuan*, Xiaxia Song, Jinfeng Wang, Yingang Feng*. Resonance assignments of a putative PilT N-terminus domain protein SSO1118 from hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus P2. Biomol NMR Assign. 2011, 5, 161-164. Bookchapters
•Yanzhen Zhang, Jinsong Xuan. Protein Science-Theory, Technology and Applications, chapter 4, 8, 9, pp. 37-67, 135-171. Beijing: Peking University Press, ISBN 978-7-301 -21719-1, 2013.

Postgraduate training


  • School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, USTB
  • 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing,100083